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=== Current News Articles ===
=== Current News Articles ===

* [ 04/2022 scitechdaily: giant leap toward fully quantum internet]
* [ 04/2022 techrepublic: Quantum computing ecosystem expands in all directions]

* [ 03/2022 tom´s Hardware: 1 million qbits by 2024]
* [ 07/2022 jpmorgen hires scientist to help protect financial system from quantum computers]
* [ 03/2022 scitechdaily: Fault Tolerant Quantum Computation in silicon spin qbits]
* [ 07/2022 team scripts breakthrough quantum algorithm]
* [ 03/2022 Venturebeat: Nato and The White house recognize the quantum computer threat to encryption]
* [ 07/2022 all silicon quantum internet and "massive quantum computers" possible]

* [ 02/2022 The White House:   (iii)  Within 180 days of the date of this memorandum, agencies shall implement multifactor authentication and encryption for NSS data-at-rest and data-in-transit.  ]
* [ 06/2022 the first ever quantum circuit]
* [ 02/2022 global risk institute: updated timeline quantum threat]
* [ 06/2022 national defense magazine: prepare now!]
* [ 02/2022 A new method for quantum computing]
* [ 06/2022 cnbc: the race to toward a computing technology is hearing up]
* [ 05/2022 the quantum insider: ambitius timeline for silicon / spin qubits for a quantum computer]
* [ 05/2022 the white house: President biden announces two presidential directives advancing quantum technologies]
* [ 05/2022 scitechdaily: developing better quantum algorithms and materials]

* [[Other_News|Other News Articles]]
* [[Other_News|Other News Articles]]

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Frequently asked quantum questions (FAQQ) is a wikimedia website towards answering, in a well-referenced fashion, common statements, assertions, and misconceptions about how quantum computing will effect Bitcoin along with the rest of the blockchain space.

It's put together by contributing members from the Quantum Resistant Ledger.



  1. Quantum Computing is Coming
  2. It's going to affect Bitcoin


  1. Bitcoin's developers have already planned for this.
  2. Bitcoin will just hard/softfork
  3. If they can break SHA_256, we’ll upgrade to SHA_384
  4. But if you don’t reuse addresses, you’re safe because BTC only exposes the hash of your public key if you have never transferred BTC from that address
  5. Quantum computing is a long ways away, there's no need to bother
  6. If ECDSA will be broken, banks and the whole internet is broken. Blockchain is the least we’ll need to worry about then.

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Current News Articles

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  2. Blockchain mathematical concepts
  3. Quantum resistant blockchains explained
  4. Challenges in upgrading existing blockchains
  5. Challenges in upgrading existing blockchains, continued
  6. Why BTC is vulnerable for quantum attacks sooner than todays estimates
  7. Common arguments and false claims

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