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Bitcoin will just hardfork

This doesn’t fix the main problem.

What type of hard fork are we talking about? There are a few options to go at it:

Option 1

Hard fork with as a result “BTC” becomes –> “BTC with new sig scheme where the old sig scheme is rendered unusable” This would mean all old coins are stuck. They all are on old addresses which only work with the old key pairs and the old signature scheme. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Option 2

Hard fork with as a result BTC = old chain, and QRBTC is new chain

Option 2A

2A Before the hard fork, you will need to register and you can claim your new QRBTC by proving you owned BTC before the time of the fork. Can be done, but what is the value of the QRBTC blockchain and its coins? Not automatically the same as the original BTC. (By the way. How, for example, was the value of BCH established right after the fork?)


Option 2B

After the hard fork, you can claim your QRBTC by proving you own BTC.


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